7 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

If one or more of the descriptions below describe the shower, tub or bathroom in your home, consider requesting a bathroom renovation.

There’s no better time to enjoy your home than the present, so watch out for these bathroom scenarios:

1) Old Home Drafts: Having trouble keeping the heat inside thanks to old windows and poorly insulated walls in the bathroom? Renovate your home and feel the difference. Installing new windows with tight seals can keep the cold at bay during chilly Maryland winters. Pair your windows and walls with decorative trims for a personalized finish.

2) Not Enough Space: Running out of room? Adding a vanity or flowing concept can provide the counterspace and legroom you need.

3) Outdated Design: There’s retro and then there’s outdated. If you have a bathroom from the 70s or shower tub with ugly colors broadcast against the wall , it’s time for a change. This isn’t your grandparents’ home. Live with the design theory and comfortable accommodations of today.

4) Falling Apart: If you move your floor mats and see a noticeable difference in the floor tile color, or you discover tears in your bathroom wallpaper, it might be time for a room renovation.

5) Hate the Space: Find yourself reluctant to host friends and family, or sick of a how a room looks? That’s you signal it’s time for change. A renovated bathroom, attic bedroom, or home theater basement can make you fall in love with your home again.

6) Outdated Everything: Have a bathroom without an outlet? Outdated bathrooms are one sign it’s time to upgrade your home for the 21st century.

7) New Needs: Whether you have a new addition to the family or you’re tired of going downstairs to shower and bath, your home should change to accommodate your life. Maybe you need a new bathroom for a child or a more convenient way to wash your hands and bathe your kids. It’s time for a bathroom renovation.

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