5 Features to Consider When Choosing the Right Toilet

When you think of your bathroom renovation, the unassuming toilet is not the first thing to come to mind, but it’s just as important as any other element in your project.  Toilets vary just as any other fixture and choosing the perfect one for your project will require resisting the temptation to cut corners, so that you avoid regrets and more expenses down the road. 

We put together a list of key features for you to consider before settling on the right one for you. 

5 Features to Consider When Choosing the Right Toilet 

Feature #1: Two Pieces vs. One Piece 

The most common option is a two piece toilet with a separate tank and seat.  The tank and seat are made to fit together, but will have a seam of some sort.  This seam can become a difficult spot for cleaning down the road. However, two piece toilets have some advantages such as being easier to transport and install.

On the other hand, one piece toilets have a tendency to be more high-end and expensive.  Just like the two piece toilet prices, styles and quality vary. This type is seamless and provides a modern, more sophisticated look with one less place for germs to secrete. If this choice fits your budget, a one piece toilet is generally the more recommended option regardless of your bathrooms décor.

Both styles have disadvantages and advantages, so it comes down to personal preference.

Feature #2: High Tank Toilets

Higher tank toilets give your bathroom a certain charm taking the two piece toilet look to the extreme. A high tank toilet functions just as well as the standard option, so the choice comes down to aesthetics more than mechanics in most designs.  Please note that this style can be a little more expensive that the other options. However, this is an excellent choice if you want your toilet to be more noticeable rather than hidden away.

Feature #3: Wall Toilets

This option of toilet is installed inside of the wall hiding the tank,so that it is not visible. Wall toilets are more lavish and require more of an investment that the other options.  This option is more for a bathroom renovation, rather than a remodel because it requires more construction and a more detailed design.  But if you do choose this option, it will give you a very posh aesthetic.

If you are really interested in this option, please note that there is no way to tell if this option is viable until the wall has been opened and the plumbing is revealed.  Please keep this in mind when you design your bathroom.

Feature #4: Placement

If you are remodelling your bathroom, most likely all your plumbing fixtures will stay in the same exact locations.  Rarely is it practical to move a toilet if you aren’t going to renovate your bathroom.  If you can relocate your plumbing fixtures, keep in mind that a minimum of 15 – 18 inches has to be kept from the shower, walls or vanity. 

Feature #5: Lever vs. Push Button

Besides having a few options for what tank you prefer, you can also choose if you prefer a lever or a push button flush.  The most popular option is a lever flush as this option is the least expensive of both choices and has a classic look. However, a push button flush give off a modern feel and can be more expensive. 

It is also important to note that toilets with a dual flush button can reduce the amount of water used.  This over time can save you money on your water bill, therefore making up for the more expensive cost.

Consider these features when choosing the perfect toilet for your bathroom to compliment your vision both aesthetically and functionally.

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We hope you found this bit of information helpful, inspiring, and motivating toward making plans to renovate your  bathroom.


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